Our mission is to make known the natural beauty of
Sicilian landscape and its raw materials, through the use of natural and organic cosmetic products, free of substances harmful to the skin and the environment. The approach to minimal skincare also guarantees the use of a few high quality products, formulated to meet the essential needs of the skin without weighing it down or causing irritation, allowing you to obtain visible results without having to use a multitude of ingredients. Finally, our commitment is to make those who use our cosmetics aware of the importance of reducing the amount of waste, starting with the packaging of our cosmetics, which are 98% plastic free. We are aware that choosing plastic-free products not only reduces the environmental impact but also represents added value for our customers, who are looking for products that respect the environment and their health.

  • Less is more! Skin&Roses promotes minimalist skincare: a simple but effective beauty routine, with a few essential, natural and organic, high-quality products to keep the skin healthy and hydrated, avoiding the overlapping of too many layers of product that can weigh down the skin and cause irritation .

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  • Our products do not contain parabens and silicones . All our products are certified organic by Biocertitalia , an external body that guarantees the safety and truthfulness of the data on the label with periodic checks. We do not test on animals and we obtain our raw materials in total respect for nature .

  • Instead of plastic, we use sustainable materials such as glass , paper and aluminum to package our products. These materials are recyclable, biodegradable and do not contain substances harmful to the environment. Our products are packaged simply, minimizing the amount of packaging material needed to protect them during transit and sale.

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Remember: Plastic is one of the main marine pollutants and choosing plastic-free products helps reduce the impact on marine fauna. Furthermore, the use of recyclable materials promotes the circular economy, helping to reduce the use of natural resources.