Additional services

For eco-sustainable accommodation facilities that love to make a difference

  • Be Exclusive!

    Skin&Roses offers its partners the possibility of having their own logo on the cases of the solid amenity line. In this way your accommodation facility will have an exclusive product to offer to its guests.

  • Your favourite courtesy collection

    In addition to the Wild Opuntia courtesy set with prickly pear, Skin&Roses offers 3 other exclusive, plastic-free and certified organic lines:
    Minimal Rose
    Almond Blossom
    Sicilian Citrus
    A treat for your guests!

  • Liquid soaps for dispensers

    Would you like to switch to a more sustainable and organic choice, but have you already installed the liquid dispensers? No fear! Skin&Roses has seen fit to create a courtesy line equivalent to the solid, but liquid. Skin&Roses will supply you with the cosmetics of your choice in 5kg cans, also, the liquid courtesy line is certified Bio.

  • Custom flyers

    Would you like to inform your guests about your beautiful choice to switch to sustainable, plastic free and organic? Our personalized graphics and printing service is at your disposal for the creation of flyers or displays to be inserted in each room.

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